Highway Specialties


Personal protection & flagging equipment

Flagging Certifications Classes- Earn your flagging certification and sign up for flagging classes with the Oregon Contractors Association today.

An assortment of stop/slow paddles for flagging jobs.

An assortment of reflective safety vests for workers on roadwork jobs.

Pig skin to dear skin. From sizes ranging from XXS- XXL we have them all.
Durable all purpose gloves, insulated and uninsulated for whatever the job requires.

Flash Lights
Traffic direction lights for flaggers. Don't be spotted without one.

Safety Glasses
Superior eye protection providing full wrap arround. Fully adjustable for your face.

Hard Hats
A wide range of hard hats providing a range of protection for any job. OSHA approved.

Lightweight earmuffs for extended wear.

Ear Plugs
A wide array of eye-pleasing ear plugs. Jackets

Paper Masks
Rain Gear

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